5 Fun and Exciting Summer Camp Ideas To Consider

Ah! Summer camp. What a joyous time for many kids to learn new things. Meet new friends. And for the parents to just to have some time to themselves for a few weeks. Summer camps in Ontario can really be considered by some, to be the most beautiful time of the year; sorry Christmas.

So in this article, we will be going over five amazing things that your kids can experience at a summer camp and why they (your kids) should consider a summer camp over their rooms playing video games this summer.

1. Swimming

Swimming is easily one of the more fun activities on this list. Swimming is great as it is an excellent form of exercise, but it is also a great way to get kids to start mingling with one another and having a good time. There is also much research that shows that swimming releases the happy feel-good chemicals along with doing wonders for your overall health.

2. Hiking

For many, this may seem like an arduous experience. Hiking demands a lot of leg power, and we can bet that kids who have spent hours sitting down playing video games for months on end have not the leg strength to hike. However, this is all the reason why they should. They will discover a lot that is fascinating and beautiful and at the same time build stronger legs and potentially cut weight.

3. Camping

There is nothing quite like marshmallows, graham crackers and Hersey bars over an open fire to end a day of camping really. Everyone sitting down around a fire and just getting to know one another is an experience that you cannot have by playing online games. It is not an experience that you can buy. It is an experience that you have to… experience – to appreciate what life is all about.

4. Arts and Craft

Your kids will most likely meet friends when visiting a summer camp, and one of the best ways to keep that friendship alive and strong is to create friendship bracelets and necklaces. Arts and crafts will also show your kids talents that they may have never even known they had in painting or drawing.

5. Outdoor Games

Lastly, summer camps offer a wide array of games that a person can play. Being that this is outdoor they will access to many pastime games like baseball, football, volleyball, going kiting or just a good old fashion game of playing hide and seek.

There literally are dozens of games that a child may be able to pay to enjoy this summer; and all without having to play video games.

There is so much that can be down at a summer camp. If you are trying to convince your kids to get outside a bit more then we highly recommend that you inform them of all the fun activities they can experience to change their minds.


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