8 Ways That Leak Detection Equipment Is Saving Food Businesses Money

The recent innovations in leak detection equipment have drastically decreased the money businesses in the food industry are spending. This savings can be seen in a number of ways, many of which are outlined below.

1. Early-Warning Indication

Traditional leak detection technology was made to alert the business when there was a gross leak in their product. At the traditional point of indication, the major leak has already occurred causing lost product for the business. With emerging leak detection equipment, businesses are able to get early-warning indications when small leaks start. Some of this new equipment has sensitive sensors that will monitor pressure decay and bursting points as well, which can help companies better package their products.

2. Notifications In Real-Time

Leak detection equipment does more than just identify packaging integrity issues. They can notify authorized personnel in real-time. For example, when there are packaging leaks with a specific piece of equipment, a notification can be sent to the on-call mechanic via their smartphone. This allows for a much quicker response time to remedy the integrity issue and get operations up and running smoothly. This also saves money on production costs of faulty packaging.

3. Miniaturization

Similar to many other types of technology out there, leak detection equipment is being miniaturized. This allows for small sensors and overall equipment that takes up less space within a factory or other setting. This is additional space that can be used to increase production.

4. Computerization

Due to the emerging technology trends, leak detection sensors are about to feature multiple types of detection capabilities. These include sensing helium, water, refrigerant, and other potential leaks found in the food packaging process. This further eliminates the need for bulky equipment.

5. Integration

Advanced technology has allowed leak detection equipment to be wirelessly integrated into a business’s production process. This provides easy access to integrate a new piece of equipment into a company’s existing computer network. This technology integration has even permitted businesses the ability to formulate networks with local shops to better enhance their leak detection methods.

6. Less Labour Intensive

One of the biggest advantages to having this type of detection equipment is that it decreases the amount of actual labor that your employees will need to handle. This could mean less staff is required during the production process. This is a major money saver for businesses improving their bottom line.

7. Quicker Detection Process

By using the new technologies that are out there for leak detection, businesses are able to speed up their detection process. As discussed in the point above, manual leak detection can be time-consuming. With automation technology, products can be evaluated much quicker. This leads to more production in less time, which any good business owner knows, translates into more revenue.

8. Safer Products Means Less Lawsuits

When food packaging businesses release products that have integrity issues, it can lead to major financial distress. Food seals that have leaks open the food up for contamination, which can lead to sickness or even death of consumers. In addition, integrity issues with harmful gases, such as helium, can lead to harm for individuals who are exposed to these harmful gases.